Background Information:
    I grew up in rural areas of South Carolina. I am the youngest from
    a large family. I wanted to escape the confines of the country life and pursue a
    career as a U.S Air Force Pilot. I enjoyed writing in High School but knew that this
    profession would probably not support me as a secondary career pursuit. So I
    decided to choose Engineering as a backup course of study in college if I didn't
    become a pilot. I did become an Air Force Pilot and also an Electrical Engineer. I
    completed this part of my life and I'm still dreaming.

    My gift of writing has enhanced my career profession in all areas. My passion is
    my love for children and all that surrounds their lives…to include the parents and
    the community. My purpose and destiny lies in this area. The books that I've
    written are a reflection of my love for children and family. I place a special
    emphasis on the male child and the role he assumes by default of society. My
    quest is to be a demonstration of Responsibility, Determination, Faith, and one
    who has learned from his mistakes in life.

    High School Honor Graduate, Former Air Force Pilot, B.S. Degree Electrical
    Engineering, Federal Government Service Award, Commercial Pilot License,
    Department of the Army Achievement Award, Former PTA President, U.N.C.F.
    Distinguished Service Award, School Age Care and Youth Care TCC Certificate,
    Elementary School Appreciation Award.
James A. Brown
Why I Wrote This Book?  I became very
concerned about my son's future (
) and his thought processes. So I wrote a
document outlining the many key areas he
should  consider when deciding on a course
of action during college and after graduation.
This document contained a 3-year detailed
instruction plan as to how to begin planning
his career from that point. I also created a
binder with possible career options so he
could examine each one while still in college.

intent was to stimulate his mind into
thinking about his career choice, job
availability, credit cards, finances, gifts and
talents, relationships, etc.  I encouraged him
to show this plan to his friends who were
also planning similar careers. His friends
had not seen a plan like this.  About one
year later, I decided to expand this plan into
a book.  I discovered that many young adults
did not have a clear plan or direction about
their future. They had not considered other
career options and did not understand the
many pitfalls and disappointments that could
lie ahead in all areas of their lives. This book
became an insight into their future.
My son has since graduated from college and is now considering the many
options available to him. This book has been very helpful in planning his life and
for anyone just starting out.

Do Come

Can Be

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    Still Being a Kid at Heart and Still
    Loving Life! Just want to pass some
    Simple Truths and Wisdom to those
    who are following behind me. Hoping
    to help them avoid some of the many
    frustrations and disappointments that
    come in living life.