“This book should be put in the hands of every teenager
    that is about to go away from home and into the world.  
    Brown's book contains so many topics that should be
    addressed by parents, grandparents, big sisters, big
    brothers, ministers and others who advise young people.
    If adhered to, it can help future generations make better
    life choices. No graduate should leave high school
    without it."--Meyonne Spencer, Editor and Publisher,
    Dante's Publishing, Lovejoy GA

    “I am reading your book for the third time and with each
    reading I am picking up new golden nuggets.  A lot of the
    ideas my parents instilled in me at a younger age but yet
    a lot of what you have written I wished they would have
    shared with me. Again thank you for your life changing
    book.”--Howard M., Atlanta GA

    “This book is a must read for teens and young adults.  
    This insightful book gives young people a road map for
    planning their future.  It brings to light many of the
    detours and pitfalls which can sabotage ones plans for a
    successful future. This valuable information can guide a
    young person in determining an appropriate path and
    approach to success.” --Yolanda Linn Loden,
    Stockbridge GA
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